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Friends, fun, and knowing you're supporting a local Hillsboro business — nights don't get much better than that. So come on out to Hillsboro Bar & Grill to excite your night with our NEW instant-classic Video Lottery game, Bonus Sevens Wild! Sure, you'll get the ringing bells and traditional fruit — cherries, plums and oranges, but you'll get so much more. This nickel game features wilds and a massive screen that fills with red flames if you hit the Bonus Free Play! And if all that fruit makes your mouth water, we've got you covered with an ice cold beer. So bring a couple of friends and add Bonus Sevens Wild to your night out.

With a new game starting every 4 minutes, you'll never have to miss your chance to play Keno from the Oregon Lottery in Hillsboro! You and your friends can enjoy a night of fun and excitement while enjoying Happy Hour, playing Keno, and having sparkling (or not-so-sparkling; we don't judge) conversation. So grab a bit of that entertainment budget, call your best buds, and head over to Hillsboro Bar & Grill to try your luck and have some fun!

The Way of the Winja is a NEW Video Lottery penny game! Ninjas, Nunchucks, Sais and Shurikens are EVERYWHERE in this unique new Video Lottery experience! This game has some fun features you're going to LOVE including an exciting new Bonus Boost and a Pick-a-Prize that add to the already exciting 243 ways to win! If you've got a night out on the town in your near future, c'mon out to Hillsboro Bar & Grill and try your luck at Way of the Winja with a small part of that entertainment budget this weekend.

We'll spin you right round baby (right round) with the NEW Cash Spin Video Lottery game at Hillsboro Bar & Grill! In Hillsboro your LOCAL destination for a night of fun is always Hillsboro Bar & Grill! Right now, if you come see us, we've got cocktails ready for you to enjoy as you try your luck to see if you can unlock one of the two interactive Cash Spin bonuses. We're ready when you are, support local business and put a visit to Hillsboro Bar & Grill on your calendar.

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